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How quickly can the solution be implemented?

With IntegrityPCI, installation and training only takes about 5-10 minutes.


How much integration work is required?

IntegrityPCI does not interfere with any other form of software or hardware, meaning that once installed, no further work will be required for it to work with existing equipment or software you are using.


What changes will need to be made to our business/back office processes?

Non-what so ever as everything runs seamlessly.


Does it require any changes to agent behavior?

No, in fact it will help build up more interaction between the client and the agent, as the client no longer has to go through a IVR and the agent does not have to remember to stop and start the recording process anymore to avoid collecting sensitive data.


Are there any interruptions to the conversation between the agent and the customer?

None, and thats the good thing as it’s non fact that 30% of calls are lost going through the IVR and 70% clients w would rather talk with agent than use a IVR


Can the solution be scaled in line with company growth?

Yes, as each installation of IntegrityPCI is independently placed per CPU.


Will it still work if system changes are made in the future?

Yes, IntegrityPCI runs as a totally independent software.


Does it work for cloud/virtual/network recording?

Yes IntegrityPCI will work with any form of recording device that you have in place as it runs independently.


Can it bring PCI Compliance to our screen recording?

Yes, as the system will be able to block out chosen fields that contain sesitive client information.


Can we stop our agents seeing the card data to further reduce the chance of fraud?

Yes, as IntegrityPCI designed to block any sensitive visual sound information placed forward by the caller.

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