What is IntegrityPCI?

In reality, e-commerce deployed latest technologies that helpingly reduce fraud possibilities. But how about the transactions made over the telephone? Risk of theft and fraud are alarming due to unavailability of technology that can eradicate these risks. There is a big possibility that contact centre which are using call recorder, under some regulations of various bodies, record the conversation that may include sensitive card data. In this case, there is a huge tendency of credit card data theft.
This may destroy the company reputation, and ruin the foundation of trust in your customer relationship. Payment Card Industry Council established one solid standard to concern organizations which are using call recording system; this is PCI- Data Security Standard (DSS). Failure to do so may result to fines and penalties or worse impair your ability as a business to make payment transactions.

However, compliance to the said standard will lead to better governance to your phone system, and help you create solid relationship with your customers. To manage all the possible pain and headaches, IntegrityNet innovate IntegrityPCI, a system that secures credit card member information during call recording process, complying with PCI DSS. IntegrityPCI aims for the total eradication of credit card data theft and contact center fraud.

IntegrityPCI's advance technology solution makes credit card voice transactions and recordings comply with PCI DSS. Customer credit card numbers are never seen, spoken or heard by your staff and never recorded, hence making stolen credit card numbers a thing of the past!

IntegrityPCI software is the only solution available on the market today that does not require you to change your voice carrier, phone system, voice recording system, credit card processor or requires any integration with an order entry system. It requires minimal training and installs in minutes. IntegrityPCI software runs independently & seamlessly in a background on any Microsoft Windows desktop and it works with any PC based soft phone or standard telephone set.

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